Government of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago

Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Legal Affairs

About the Process Review Team
The Process Review Team was established by Cabinet in January 2004 with the following mandates:


  1. To enhance the organizational effectiveness of the Ministry’s policies, management systems and practices by addressing deficiencies in respect of work distribution and work flows, tracking and monitoring systems and evaluation and feedback mechanisms within the Ministry.
  2. To support the work of the Attorney General by ensuring the development of a Legislative Agenda.
  3. To engage in intervention strategies to `fast track’ critical legal matters which are under the purview of the Civil Law Department, Law Reform Commission and Legislative Drafting Department.

Core Objective:

  1. To assist the Honourable Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs in the execution of specified matters as determined from the Legislative Agenda and to provide advice on legislative and policy reform.