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About Law Reform Commission

Law Reform Commission

The Law Reform Commission (the Commission) is an independent statutory body established under the Law Reform Act, Chap. 3:04. The Commission is responsible for promoting reform of the law and keeping under review all the laws applicable to Trinidad and Tobago. The Commission reports to Parliament through the Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs.

The Commission’s law reform work involves utilizing the law to reflect or shape the norms of society and enhance the standard of living for all. It entails keeping under review all laws and examining particular branches of the law with a view to their systematic development, including codification, simplification and modernization.

The Commission carries a dual mandate

  1. it is a research facility, charged with the development of policy which will respond to and accommodate the changing needs of society; and
  2. it assists the Government by drafting legislation which reflects major policy issues.

The Commission’s core objectives are to –

  1. Produce laws that are just, equitable and useful to the people of Trinidad and Tobago;
  2. Ensure that the review and reform of the law meet the contemporary needs of the society;
  3. Provide sound and authoritative advice and information to the Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs and the Government;
  4. Ensure that all reports, advice, consultation papers, policy papers, are accurate, well written and provide clear policy directions; and
  5. Ensure that all draft legislation/Bills accurately reflect approved policy and are constitutionally and legally sound.