Government of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago

Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Legal Affairs


The Criminal Justice Unit has made several achievements in different stages of the criminal justice system. Reform has been accomplished through policies and legislation in areas such as Hard Crimes, Investigations, Evidence, Defence and Prosecution, the Courts, Remand and Prisons. The following list represents the major accomplishments of the Criminal Justice Unit thus far:

  • Historic Judge Only Trials
  • Establishment of a Public Defenders System in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Novel introduction of a Public Access Sex Offender Registry
  • Development of Anti-Gang legislation
  • Development of legislation to allow for the use of pepper spray by civilians
  • Reformation of Plea Discussions and Plea Agreements for efficiency in the disposal of criminal matters
  • Introduction of bail restrictions for serious offences and repeated convictions
  • Introduction of legislative protection for Magistrates
  • Strengthening the legislative powers of the Police Complaints Authority
  • Development of legislation to combat sexual offences
  • Development of anti-corruption sensitization campaigns
  • Strengthening firearms legislation
  • Strengthening legislation on the Interception of Communications
  • Increasing the age of retirement for judges and improving magistracy benefits and legal protection
  • Establishment of key justice sector Committees such as the Plea Bargaining Committee and the Justice Sector Stakeholder Committee on Medicolegal Evidence
  • Development of legislation for the imminent abolition of Preliminary Enquiries
  • Development of policies for the reformation of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service; and
  • Collaborations with key international partners for training and programmes for justice sector agencies and personnel