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It Helpdesk Technician – Test

(in the Intellectual Property Office),
Ministry of Legal Affairs
JOB TITLE: Technical Examiner

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The incumbent will be required to conduct the substantive examination of applications for patents, industrial designs, utility certificates, new plant varieties and integrated circuits. Work also includes the provision of patent information services to the public and the promotion of inventiveness among citizens of Trinidad and Tobago and related public education.

REPORTS TO: Manager Technical Examination

SUPERVISION GIVEN TO: Assistant Patent Examiner, Business Operation Assistants, Office Support Assistants


  • Conductssubstantive search and examination ofPatents,UtilityModels, IndustrialDesigns, Layout Designs (topographies) of Integrated Circuits and New PlantVarieties
  • Submit to the Manager, Technical Examination written statements of reasons for decisionsin reviews of substantive examinations of applications and amendments for Patents, Utility Models, IndustrialDesigns, LayoutDesigns(topographies)ofintegratedcircuitsandNewPlantVarieties
  • Assists the Manager, Technical Examination in advising the Controller on technical/scientific issues
    relating to industrial property, especially in the new areas of biotechnology patents and newplant
    varieties for genetically modified organisms
  • Assists the Manager, Technical Examination in attending to the Minister responsible for Intellectual Property to give advice as necessary and in the provision of Industrial Property Technical Information Services.